“I came to Sweden 7 months ago and while I wait for a personal number there are a number of services I don’t have access to yet – such as SFI. But thanks to Care of Business I actually feel I am part of Sweden, I belong here. The other great thing has been the contacts – coaches, other entrepreneurs, business advisers and people at Impact Hub. I’ve gotten so much useful advice and ideas and now I can see better what are the strong elements of my business idea and where I need to refine it.”
— Gökçe Erol
“When I joined Care of Business I had just finished my Master’s degree. I was glad to have the opportunity to brainstorm business ideas with other motivated individuals again. These interactions have helped me develop my own idea. I have also learned a lot about sales. The concepts I was introduced to I’ve been able to invaluable to me in a range of situations.”
— Ghaith Altarabichi


“Taking part in the Care of Business program has been transformative. My partner and I now have a business plan and feel we will be more effective in our future efforts. For me personally it has also been enlightening – I’ve learnt more about Swedish laws, society and culture in the 2 months since the course started than for the whole time I have been living in Sweden… and I knew quite a bit to begin with”
— Raed Shihab
Care of Business opened a door for me through which I got access to an environment and people who can be partners and customers. Through the Impact Invest network, I got my first customer! Another great thing are the other entrepreneurs who are part of Care of Business. We are all in different phases of our business idea – those differences have helped me a lot because there are people I could ask for advice and people I could give advice to.”
— Walaa Tebakhi