Company overview

Large industries are getting better and better at diminishing their greenhouse gas emissions and their energy consumption. However, many companies and administrations are impacting the environment negatively through the behaviour of their employees: business travels, daily commute, lunch, waste, consumables… Addressing these indirect emissions with a top-down approach is inefficient and may even create tension between management and  staff.

Job Footprint offers a bottom-up tool to empower employees to come up with ideas and implement themselves the best practices to diminish their work-related impact on the climate and the environment. To achieve this, Job Footprint delivers every month an environmental diagnostic for every employee. This diagnostic allows them to understand which of their job-related activities have  the strongest impact on the climate. This is automatically calculated using the data the employer already has (address, plane tickets reimbursement, printer’s usage, building’s electricity bill, waste generated by cafeteria etc). Making use of gamification features, Job Footprint engages individuals and teams to get inspired by each other in order to make their work habits more sustainable

About the entrepreneur

With a Phd in astrophysics, when it comes to science, Timur knows what he’s talking about. In fact, he could explain it in any of the six languages he is fluent in or refer you to one of the 30 scientific articles he’s written. His love of research and ability to bring people together led to a job as a research manager. There, he set up partnerships with academic bodies, industry and local government. In the process, Timur noticed something. While many companies are getting better and better at diminishing their greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, a lot can still be done on an individual level - the employee. Timur channeled his passion for the environment and knowledge into a business idea: JobFootprint. JobFootprint empowers employees to diminish their work-related environmental impact by showing people which of their daily work activities have the biggest effect. Timur wants to do this using information already available to both employer and employee - plane tickets, printer usage, etc. Timur is now taking part of the Care of Business program, working on turning his business idea into reality.

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