Company overview

Workready is a web and VR-based job interviewing training portal, which enhances job integration in three ways: smarter interview training; community learning; shortening process between HR and job seekers

About the entrepreneur

Meet Shahrukh Sheikh. When Shahrukh came to Sweden in 2013, he brought with him a 10 year career in visual communication design and video production as well as a keen interest in virtual reality. The actual reality he encountered, however, involved doing an internship in the same industry he’d worked his whole life. “There has to be a better way”, thought Shahrukh, as it became clear that many others faced a similar challenge: a new work culture, a language barrier and an unclear career path. This is how Workready - Shahrukh’s web-based interview-training portal - was born. Thanks to Workready jobseekers, new to the Swedish market, can improve their interview performance, and get closer to their desired job. Shahrukh wants to reach as many job seekers as possible. That’s why he’s taking part of the Care of Business program, acquiring the tools, skills and knowledge necessary to make this happen.

Pitch deck