Company overview

Food truck offering a range of delicious Middle Eastern dishes.

About the entrepreneur

From a graphic designer to a food truck owner: this is the journey so far of Care of Business participant, Nancy Barakat. Born in Cairo, Egypt, Nancy studied fine art and acquired 10 years of professional experience as a graphic designer and video editor before moving to Sweden. The interest in Sweden had always been there. Growing up, Nancy’s grandfather spoke often and fondly of Sweden where he had studied as a young man. Years later, Nancy started working for a Swedish company with offices in Egypt and in 2008, took a business trip up north. The country she had heard so much about seemed even nicer than her grandfather had described. “I thought….mmmmm….I can get used to this”, says Nancy with a chuckle before clarifying “it was summer!” Well educated, experienced, fluent in English and with a knowledge of the Swedish work culture….job offers should have followed but instead it was rejection. “We don’t think you know Swedish art or design”, is what Nancy was told as if a specific design style is unteachable; as if you either have it or you don’t. Then another blow followed - her marriage came to an end. “For the last few years all I had done was for the family….So I went and bought a truck”, says Nancy with a laugh that says this amicable and cheerful person will always find a way to turn things around, no matter what. “I want to combine my two big passions - for art and food”. Keep your eyes peeled for Freyas mamas kök which will bring no-fuss vegetarian and vegan Middle Eastern dishes to busy Stockholm workers.

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