Company overview

Customising and repairing cars for drifting, using custom car parts

About the entrepreneur

Born in Saudi Arabia to Eritrean parents, Musaab was forced out of the country when he was 20. Fleeing prosecution, he crossed Sudan, Egypt and Italy before finding asylum in Sweden. It took Musaab a month to reach Sweden but the wait was not over. For the next two years he lived in a camp, waiting to be granted permission to stay, occupying his time by documenting his surroundings using a borrowed camera. Nine months ago, Musaab left the camp and its 150 occupants, some of whom had become his close friends. Eager to rebuild his life, he enrolled at SFI, began an internship and signed up for our Care of Business program, acquiring the skills and tools to help him realise his dream of opening a car shop where he would customise cars for drifting. Drifting - recognisable with the loud screeching noises a car makes while sliding around corners - might seem like an unusual choice for a man who worked on music tracks as a sound engineer. But, as Musaab explains, “I feel like that sound is better than music. For me, it’s the sound of adrenaline.” If all goes according to plan, Musaab would like to bring his mum who raised him as a single parent from the time he was 2 years old, to Sweden. He would also like to be in a position to employ other people because, as he says, “I know what it’s like to not be given a chance and I also know how it feels when somebody does give you a chance. I want to be that somebody for many others.”

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