The Poli is an eco-friendly bag company, with the vision of creating positive environmental and social change through sustainable resource use, regenerative design and ethical business and leadership. We were inspired to establish our company in beautiful Scandinavian capital Stockholm through meeting with like-minded people and exploring Swedish commitment and leadership towards environmental protection that reflects in its research, innovation and in the fashion industry as well!

Our society is damaging the global environment through unsustainable production. For example, in conventional leather tanning processes, many toxic chemicals are used, damaging the environment and causing long-term health problems. We want to change the present bag industry by offering fashionable bags made from jute, jutton and naturally tanned leather.

Our jute-based bags will replace normal paper, plastic and cloth bags that are based in petroleum products or the deforestation of our earths forests. For our leather bags, we use a plant based dye again. Our regenerative design concept would help to restore soil and water resources from their degraded conditions.

The bags will be sold primarily through e-commerce-including our own website , and we will also serve business2business customized bags. We plan to build our brand through inspirational and educational blogging and production of videos, since we believe that global changes can only come from people who make the decision to change.