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Meet Mary Juusela. Born in India, Mary was adopted by a Finnish family living in Sweden aged 1,2 years old. As far as Mary was concerned she was a kid like any other. Aged 5 she found out many saw her differently - starting with a little boy who refused to hold hands with her and proceeded to explain the reason for his refusal: the colour of her skin. While the boy was vocal, the rest of the group - children and teachers - were silent, helping turn an offensive comment into a traumatising event. This was sadly not an isolated case and by the time Mary was 19 she found herself, in her own words, in total social exclusion. Aged 19 was also when she began to use her personal experience to fuel her professional path: that of preventing and combating the effects of social exclusion. The start was an empirical project Mary undertook which grew to include 700 families which Mary interviewed over a 10 year period. Her findings were not only published in two books but today form the basis of the method she uses for improving tolerance for differences of every kind which she does through her company: Lika Olika-metoden To this day, Lika Olika has provided training to over 55 000 people in large corporations, municipalities, associations, schools and kindergartens - working with those who perpetuate intolerance, those who are on the receiving end of it and those who stand by and watch it unfold. Watch Mary deliver a powerful talk here:

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