Company overview

Kreativa Frön create memorable gifts for special occasions through the use of plant seeds and recycled paper.

About the entrepreneur

Say hello Gökçe Erol. The basic facts about Gökçe’ s life are easy to spell out. Born in Turkey’s third largest city, Izmir, she studied Design and Communication before moving to Sweden 7 months ago. Personable and vivacious, Gökçe comes to the first Care of Business workshop half an hour early, bright-eyed, smiling and with two large trays of homemade Turkish desserts. She wants to introduce the group to her culture and hear our feedback on a business idea she’s toying with. Conversation flows and before we know it the group is now a community. Gökçe’ s personable manner turns out to be the icing on the cake. At school, she excelled at both sciences and humanities; she played the guitar, sang and took part in plays. When it came to studying at university, Gökçe chose to follow her biggest passion – that for art and design - instead of the family tradition of becoming a doctor. In the years that followed, she worked as a graphic designer, photographer, assistant director and script writer; dedicated her free time to causes that are important to her such as women’s rights. Gökçe is now tapping into her creative side while building up her knowledge of running a business. Through her project Creative Seeds she is weaving together design, sustainability and the joy of planting a seed. The result – a personalized greeting card, made out of recycled paper to which flower seeds had been added. Placed in soil the greeting card turns into a flower.

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