In 2020 we have had to re-think how we live, work and do business. The covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on our daily working life. Meetings were moved from the physical to the virtual world, the workload increased or decreased drastically and we are still waiting to see what the “new normal” will look like. Many entrepreneurs have realized the value of the right support, professionally as well as personally, to cope with the kind of uncertainty that we have seen in the last few months.

Care of Business Executive Women is a continuation of the work we do under our brand Care of Business – our accelerator where we support budding and growing entrepreneurs. It is supported with funding from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket). Through previous Care of Business programs we have so far supported around 60 newly arrived and social entrepreneurs. Some of our programs have focused on foreign-born female start-ups as well as established female entrepreneurs based in the Middle East and North Africa, who have received training in leadership, team building, financing and business planning.

Care of Business Executive Women is a program for established female entrepreneurs and business leaders who were born outside of Europe and who have an expressed ambition to grow, but feel there are blockages to that growth. Through various types of support – tailored technical support, thematic workshops focusing on leadership, partnerships and financing, as well as mentoring – we hope to contribute to reducing, or removing, these blockages.

The imbalance between genders when running a company is clearly evidenced by the access to capital – a condition for growth for most companies. Our program is part of Tillväxtverket’s wider search for effective tools that can help address this imbalance. Through Care of Business Executive Women’s participation in this wider program we hope to also be able to help clarify the reason for the extra hurdles that female entrepreneurs in general, and those born outside of Europe in particular, face. By doing so we hope to contribute to the development of actions and measures to address these issues, taken at the highest level of policy-making.

Are you a non-European born, female entrepreneur or business leader running a business in the Stockholm Region? Would you like our support in your business’s growth? Then we would like to see your application here by August 15 the latest.

I you need more information about the program before applying you are welcome to join one of our information meetings at Klustret Ekskäret, Birger Jarlsgatan 58 in Stockholm on either of the following two nights in August:

– 6 August, 16:00-18:00

– 11 August, 16:00-18:00

Here you can find out more about the content of the program and the dates for the workshop, our workshop leaders and the participants in our first cohort:

For more information about this program please contact Lena Eriksson Åshuvud at lena.ashuvud (at)

About Impact Invest

Impact Invest is an intermediary and advisor, working to increase the flow of capital and entrepreneurial support to primarily social entrepreneurs. We are a social enterprise ourselves, and reinvest the majority of our profits in our business. In 2012 we started a network for business angels, foundations and private investment companies. Since fall 2016 we also run accelerators for entrepreneurs under the brand Care of Business. Find out more about us on