Program contents and schedule

We’ve distilled years of business knowledge and expertise into our Care of Business programme. The goal? Operational, revenue-generating, financially sustainable businesses that can scale, capture market share and create employment opportunities.

Our program is different from other accelerators in three key ways:

  1. In-depth content which encompasses every major aspect of running a business, in detail, including:
    • Finance & Funding – estimate how much you need and where to find it
    • Legal & HR – what you need to know before hiring people & how to set up a business
    • The Management Culture in Sweden – creating a culture that benefits all
    • Investment-Readiness – what you need to prepare before approaching investors, how to negotiate and what happens next
  2. Individual coaching, ongoing online support: Tailoring our advice to suit your business needs, including helping you identify the right growth strategy for your business and support you along that journey.
  3. Ongoing commitment: We offer support beyond the usual 3-6 months other accelerators offer. Having worked with people from all over the world who are setting up a business in Sweden, we know it takes time. We’re here to answer questions and give guidance throughout the 10 months of the program

Important Dates

February 2019: We are announcing a new, expanded version of Care of Business which we will run in collaboration with SE Forum. This program will support social innovators and other impactful businesses in Sweden that have a few years of operations and wish to grow faster.

April: Start of Care of Business Impact