Company overview

Promoting location-independent work for people with physical and mental health challenges as well as anyone else who might feel forgotten.

About the entrepreneur

Originally from Singapore, Nickole (pictured left) worked hard and hustled her way to her dream career: that of a video games designer. 6 years into it, life consisted of working long hours and not being able to live as an openly gay woman. Then, a solution presented itself: to work for a major video game company, based in Sweden as their senior games designer. “3 winters ago”, as Nickole puts it, she moved to Sweden, started a new job and could finally live with and marry the woman of her dreams, Raven. Nickole is now pursuing new goals: that of making a success out of the company she started here, together with her wife and business partner. Their first project? A board game which help players empathize with the life experiences of others. If you wonder how Nickole got this “lucky” — and found her calling and her passion — stay tuned. True to form, Nickole has found that there is science behind luck and she’ll teach you how to use it in her upcoming book “How to Get Lucky”.From a systems standpoint, I seek to help people around the world achieve financial independence through location independent income streams: They should be able to work wherever they want, from wherever they are comfortable living. I will be working on multiple initiatives with my multi-talented wife, and have extensive developer contacts within the video games industry, alongside my wife's network in areas of business and design.

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