Company overview

The Poli is an eco-friendly bag company, with the vision of creating positive environmental and social change through sustainable resource use, regenerative design and ethical business and leadership. We were inspired to establish our company in beautiful Scandinavian capital Stockholm through meeting with like-minded people and exploring Swedish commitment and leadership towards environmental protection that reflects in its research, innovation and in the fashion industry as well!

Our society is damaging the global environment through unsustainable production. For example, in conventional leather tanning processes, many toxic chemicals are used, damaging the environment and causing long-term health problems. We want to change the present bag industry by offering fashionable bags made from jute, jutton and naturally tanned leather.

Our jute-based bags will replace normal paper, plastic and cloth bags that are based in petroleum products or the deforestation of our earths forests. For our leather bags, we use a plant based dye again. Our regenerative design concept would help to restore soil and water resources from their degraded conditions.

The bags will be sold primarily through e-commerce-including our own website , and we will also serve business2business customized bags. We plan to build our brand through inspirational and educational blogging and production of videos, since we believe that global changes can only come from people who make the decision to change.

About the entrepreneur

Azim is a Care of Business entrepreneur with a social conscience, an income-generating business and two Master degrees in the field of Environmental Science, the second of which he completed at Stockholm University. Azim’s journey to this point developed gradually and organically. In its course, three events and encounters have played a pivotal role. The first: a study trip to a leather factory in his home country of Bangladesh. The working conditions were appalling, the use of toxic chemicals – commonplace. “At the time, I didn’t have knowledge about leather”, says Azim, “but I knew about chemicals. And I knew how human beings should be treated. This was not it.” Back then, Azim had set out to be a scientist, not an entrepreneur. This changed under the influence of a university professor - Azim’s second pivotal encounter - who would often say to say to his class that “There are many problems in the world. The solution is entrepreneurship”. The professor planted a seed in Azim’s mind which was to grow in the years to come. Following graduation, Azim began working for a Japanese company operating in Bangladesh. The man Azim worked for was an astute businessman who was also generous in sharing the knowledge he’d acquired over the course of his long career. This experience taught Azim the business fundamentals. It also strengthened his resolve to run his own business ethically, in a way that benefited everyone in the supply chain. It was here in Sweden that Azim finally felt he had found a place where entrepreneurship and the environment are equally valued. He decided to start his own company – The Poli - paying homage to the fertile soil of Bangladesh through the title. But Azim is paying homage to his home country in a way that’s even more meaningful: by opting to manufacture The Poli’s leather and jute bags using environmentally-conscious manufacturing processes in Bangladeshi factories which offer their staff good working conditions.

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