Company overview

Panion, derived from the word Companion, is a friend-finding app which helps people find meaningful connections through the use of a searchable human-interest database. Unlike other friending apps, Panion offers an extensive search on common interests while maintaining a clear and simple functionality.

Panion was started by Melanie who, after coming to Sweden on a Fulbright grant to persue a degree at the Royal Institute of Art, struggled to find people she could connect with. She began working on a solution.


About the entrepreneur

A scroll through Melanie’s social media will tell you that this American-born Malmö resident has a BA in Anthropology from Columbia University, and an MA in Documentary Filmmaking. Head over to her Instagram and you’ll see a keen interest in people and an eye for the perfect moment come together as she chronicles the people she encounters in her daily life. It might come as a surprise that Melanie wears another hat - that of a CEO of Panion: The Common Interest App. The app launched in December last year already boasts 12 000 users - a testament to the need it was created to fulfil: that of connecting people through like-minded interests. A need that Melanie felt acutely herself after coming to Sweden on a Fulbright scholarship. Melanie, who had lived abroad before, was keen to get to know Swedes and their culture - something that proved challenging in a culture where being reserved is not uncommon. If you, like Melanie, have found it challenging to find friends or you want to expand your social circle - head over to the App store where you can download Melanie’s app for free!

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