Company overview

An all-female translation agency.

About the entrepreneur

Say hello to Jasmina! The resolute Care of Business entrepreneur who swore the first thing she would do in 2019 would be to register a company. And she did. Jasmina is no stranger to following through on promises. Born in Serbia to a Hungarian mother and a Serbian father, she was viscously bullied at school. Jasmina swore she would not allow this to happen to other children. And she kept her promise. In her 15 years as an English language teacher, she set firm ground rules in every class she taught, helping children and young adults learn not only the intricacies of the English language but how to be tolerant, accepting and compassionate. Jasmina also acted as a counselor: keeping her doors open to any student who had something to share. And they did - from anorexia, suicidal thoughts and drug use through to questioning sexuality - Jasmina helped everyone who struggled by providing a safe haven. A safe haven is what Jasmina needed herself - one where she wouldn’t have to fear being attacked, threatened or abused for being gay. “Psychology schoolbooks in Serbia still declare that being gay is a disease. The constitution was recently amended to state that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. At the same time, the Prime Minister is a lesbian... You can hold one of the highest positions of power yet you can’t enjoy basic human rights. There came a point when I couldn’t continue negotiating this tension. ” The time had come to move. A year and a half into her move to Sweden, things are looking good for Jasmina who wants to open a translation agency, offering competitive prices and excellent quality. We are helping her get there, through our Care of Business program.

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