Company overview

TootaPen is an innovative, interactive and bilingual publisher that creates opportunities for children and young people to become writers. We are the first publishing house in the Nordic region to publish books written by children and young writers. We take children seriously, equip them with tools to make their voices heard and to develop ability to write stories. Children, just like adults, are entitled to express themselves and be part of cultural life. When children are included in valuable cultural and literary endeavours, they are inspired to create and expand their worlds. Here, at TootaPen we open a new door for children and young people and help them during their writer trip. Here, our readers find Sweden's youngest writers and illustrators.

About the entrepreneur

Meet Galaxia Wallin! If the name rings a bell, it might be because you’ve seen Galaxia on SVT, heard her on Sveriges Radio or read about her in Dagens Nyheter where she discussed the abuse, experienced by women within the context of “honour culture” in Sweden. This was not the first time Galaxia had been in the media, shedding light on an unseen issue. When she was 20, she met a little boy, living in an orphanage, who had been grossly mistreated. Galaxia turned to what she had always done when she encountered injustice: she began writing. As a child, she had addressed her writing to her pet turtle, Toota. Now, she wrote for a newspaper so that people would take notice and take action. And they did. The orphanage (unnamed in the article) called the police. Galaxia was summoned and questioned. “When I was at the police station, I felt shocked and scared and I thought I will never write again. As soon as I left, something inside me grew up and I felt a resolve to continue doing what I am doing but find a way to be safe.” Doing something to help those who are living through tough times remained important to Galaxia while she pursued a BA in Business Administration followed by an MA in Human Resources. After graduation, her career flourished and included roles as Head of Communications and Head of HR for an investment company. Through all of these successes, Galaxia continued working on a number of projects helping women and children, writing and getting published. One day, a reader reached out to her - something which had happened before. This time, the reader would become her husband, prompting a move from Syria to Sweden in 2011. Galaxia learnt Swedish and resumed her career which included working in HR and as a translator for the UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency. The memory of the children she had met before never left her and in 2015 she decided to empower children in Sweden by publishing their stories. Tootapen - Galaxia’s publishing company, named after her childhood pet turtle - was born. To date, Tootapen have published 5 books by children aged 10-16. Galaxia is now part of the Care of Business program, refining her existing business and adding new skills and knowledge to her already impressive resume.

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