Company overview is one of the main go-to places for Arabic speakers, living in Sweden, to gain information and advice about life in Sweden so they can thrive. attracts 9 000 to 12 000 visitors every month and their Facebook page has nearly 80 000 likes.

About the entrepreneur

Fouad’s career journey started with a realisation. “As a guest I liked luxury hotels…the atmosphere, the comfort, the food. I enjoyed that experience and wanted to contribute to others having it.” This realisation led him outside his home country of Jordan and to the UK. There, he completed a Master’s degree in Hotel Management and Marketing and worked in the hospitality sector. A few years in, Fouad experienced a profound shift in his outlook: “The more experience I acquired, the more I realised that I like challenges more than comfort.” With this new realisation and the exposure he’d gotten to different services and practices, he returned to Jordan and opened a marketing company. Five years later Fouad added an interior design agency to his list of businesses, followed by a restaurant. At the height of his success Fouad started looking for a new challenge. The desire to find it led Fouad to research Sweden as a possible destination. In the process he met his future wife. While making the decision to move he also met his future business partner, Raed, founder of Together, Raed and Fouad are taking part of our Care of Business program and working on a business model to help sustain their current efforts of creating a professional network where Arab speakers can find answers, jobs, advice and be properly introduced to Swedish society, laws and traditions so they can feel at home in Sweden.

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