Company overview

The Circular Market will offer conscious consumers a one-stop shop for sustainable and ethically made products and will give businesses an ideal market of like-minded customers. If you want to live sustainably, The Circular Market will have the items you need for everyday life.

About the entrepreneur

Say hello to Elizabeth! Born in Mexico to an entrepreneurial family, Elizabeth watched her parents navigate life’s challenges, making decisions to move country, change professions; start, build and close businesses. Her father worked as chef before opening a chain of grocery stores; her mother - ran a pharmacy before switching to accounting. Their journeys weren’t straight-forward, helping Elizabeth learn. To the life lessons she assimilated, Elizabeth added a BA in international affairs with a focus on trade. After working for the American Chamber of commerce in Mexico, she landed a job with retail giant Walmart. Day-to-day work life wasn’t smooth sailing - from long working hours, to dealing with challenging people and situations and everything in between. The way Elizabeth handled these earned her one promotion after another in a steady and rapid succession. The culmination - Manager for International Business Processes. Along the way, Elizabeth accumulated valuable experience in customer service, sales and logistics: knowledge which is proving invaluable as she is setting up her own business - that of creating an online store selling artisanal and ecologic products. Life has come full circle for Elizabeth in many ways. Just like her hard-working parents, she is building a business alongside her full-time job as Logistics Manager and the no less demanding and recent role of being a parent.

Pitch deck