Company overview

Media Clubs for school-age children.

About the entrepreneur

Meet Bernard Asaba. Bernard grew up as one of seven children in a large town in Uganda. When he was growing up, his father had a dream: that Bernard would study to become an engineer. Once enrolled in an engineering course, Bernard realised: this wasn’t his passion and it wasn’t his dream. He switched to business administration and hasn’t looked back since. In the ensuing job roles, one promotion followed another in a steady progression. The height of his success was the role of Regional Manager for Uganda Telecom - one of the largest telecommunications providers in a country of over 41 million people. During this time, Bernard took part in a number of causes. One of them took him to a hospital for the treatment of children with cancer. “I had this naive idea back then’, says Bernard, “that only adults get cancer. I had always heard that “life is short” but I never realised that for some it is even shorter. I remember thinking “Why can’t I do something about this?” And he did. He made a video to raise awareness about cancer in children which was so popular it was aired on National TV. In the process, Bernard realised the power of media. This experience gave Bernard the idea of creating a media clubs for children. Parents, teachers and children loved the idea of media classes but financing the project was an uphill battle. When he talks about it now there is no hint of regret but a palpable awareness of the lessons learned. Lessons he wants to use to launch an improved version of his original business, this time operating in Sweden. This desire brought him to our Care of Business program where he has been acquiring the tools, skills and knowledge to help him realise his business idea on the Swedish market.

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