Company overview

Q-Smartly is a cloud-based intelligent queue management system for businesses to improve their customer service and customer experience with increased efficiency and ensured customer satisfaction through personalized service via a mobile application. 

Our product can be used in any industry where there is a walk-in service which requires you to wait in a queue for customer service.

About the entrepreneur

Born in Mumbai, India, Anand moved to Sweden 4 years ago to pursue a Master’s degree in Nanotechnology at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology. Always interested in efficiency and improvement, Anand turned a 95-minute wait at Migrationsverket into a business idea and a company: Q-Smartly. Anand’s vision is to make Stockholm the first queue-less smart city by 2020 through smart innovation. He is now part of the Care of Business program, acquiring the tools, knowledge and contacts to help make this happen.

Pitch deck