Would you like to mentor our entrepreneurs?

About Care of Business Executive Women

Impact Invest has been awarded funding from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth to continue building our support to Swedish entrepreneurs. Our program Care of Business has previously supported newly arrived and social entrepreneurs, as well as women born outside the EU, in their journey towards starting an enterprise. In the coming two years we will focus on established female entrepreneurs and business leaders born outside Europe. We target entrepreneurs who are already up and running and who want their businesses to grow, but experience various forms of impediments to this growth. Through a variety of support – individually tailored coaching around the business, thematic workshops focusing on leadership, partnership and funding, as well as personal mentors – we aim to help address these blockages.

What are we looking for in our mentors?

You are a driven engaged entrepreneur, who has already overcome one or more hurdles in your entrepreneurship, and are willing to share this experience with female entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their journey. Our entrepreneurs are chosen specifically for their ambition to grow, but need support to tackle hurdles on the way.

We especially welcome female entrepreneurs, or feministic male entrepreneurs, who recognize invisible blockages and structures that female entrepreneurs face, and that add to the challenges of their entrepreneurship, especially for the ones who are foreign born.

We hope that you want to give us your time – around 10 hours over a period of six months – and share your experience and network of contacts. The mentorship consist of meeting your selected mentee 1-1.5 hours per month. You are also welcome to join in our thematic workshops and meet inspiring and engaged entrepreneurs and workshop leaders, who all work together to achieve change. We believe that increasing equality in ownership, financial flows and business activity between male and female led companies is what is needed for the business sector to provide equal opportunity to all.

About Impact Invest:

Impact Invest is an intermediary and advisor, working to increasing the flow of capital and entrepreneurial support to primarily social entrepreneurs. We are a social enterprise ourselves, and reinvest the majority of our profits in our business. In 2012 we started a network for business angels, foundations and private investment companies. Since fall 2016 we also run accelerators for entrepreneurs under the brand Care of Business. Find out more about us on www.impactinvest.se.

For more information contact Lena Eriksson Åshuvud at lena.ashuvud@impactinvest.se or send us your expression of interest to info@careofbusiness.se.

Care of Business Impact will be developed during 2019 and is a collaboration between Impact Invest Scandinavia and SE Forum, with funding by Swedish innovation agency Vinnova. Care of Business Impact will support entrepreneurs and companies working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, through education and coaching covering topics such as investment readiness och social impact measurement.

We’re currently developing Care of Business Impact and are looking for entrepreneurs interested in taking part in our pilot programme, starting later in spring 2019.

If you’ve got any questions about Care of Business, how we could potentially help you as an entrepreneur, or if you’re a regional actor or business interested in partnerships then we’d love to discuss this further.

Please contact Petya at petya@careofbusiness.org with any questions or comments.