The flexibility of a part-time course. The pace of an intensive program.

We are an accelerator program which helps foreign-born entrepreneurs turn an idea into an operational business. This year we are running a co-hort for women. We do this through:

Group workshops
Individual coaching
Online support

Being new to Sweden often means not having business contacts, not knowing where to look for information or how to translate the advice you’ve been given into actionable information. Our part-time, 10-month program fills those gaps. We have the tools, resources, coaches and a vast network of partners who’ll work with you on turning your business idea into reality.

Care of Business is an Impact Invest Scandinavia initiative

Impact Invest is the first network of venture investors in the Nordics with a focus on social and environmental value creation. Since our inception in 2012, our sole purpose has been to promote investment and innovation in companies that can create solutions to societal challenges.

In 2016, we launched our accelerator and investment-readiness program Care of Business with the aim to shorten the integration time of newly arrived entrepreneurs who want to start a business. Our philosophy is to work with a limited number of entrepreneurs in each co-hort with scalable business ideas. We have supported nearly 60 entrepreneurs over these past two years of which more than half have incorporated their companies, successfully gained their first clients or expanded sales. Many of them have started to employ and contract other foreign-born people in their ventures.